Why Savvy?

Why Choose Savvy Broadcasting?

As host, Christina has the unique ability to connect with each and every guest at an emotional level setting Savvy Broadcasting apart from other broadcasts.

If you are an entrepreneur having difficulty reaching your audience and getting your message out to your target market, Savvy Broadcasting will help you build the “invisible handshake”, with your prospective clients.

When potential clients hear your story and how you can add value to their lives with your talents and gifts, this will build the emotional connection compelling your potential clients to purchase your product, services, or information.

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What a blessing to interview with you, Christina - what a blessing to see your love for Jesus and heart for people shine throughout. Your work is important, may the Lord go before you as you reach out in his name. Thank you, Christina. I look forward to a next time!

www.brucemarchiano.com and www.alisonschoice.com

Bruce Marchiano

I recently did a web interview with Christina Nitschmann for Savvy Broadcasting. It covered all aspects of my multifaceted career and life and it was literally the best interview I have ever had or done and believe me, I have done too many to count. I truly appreciate Christina's talents and gifts for bringing out the best in her interviews. I found myself revealing information I'd kept secret for so many years, while also sharing many of my still all too revolutionary ideas. Thank you, Christina, for your gentle persistence in tracking me down, and your intelligent and graceful professionalism!

Patricia St. John

Bestselling Author of "The Secret Language of Dolphins"

I am blessed to do lots of radio and television interviews and my experience of Savvy Broadcasting stands out as one of my favorites. Christina is an engaging host and her interview style is warm and inviting. Given the variety of guests and the diversity of topics that she fields, I am amazed and how prepared Christina is for each interview. She is attentive to her guests, both before the interview and in follow-up settings. I highly recommend Savvy Broadcasting and Christina if you want to share your passion and vision with the world.

Dr. David C. James

Transformational Hypnotherapist

Christina is one of the top hosts I've ever had to pleasure to be interviewed by. Not only is she highly prepared, her style has a way of both putting her guests at ease, and bringing out our best. This enables her to offer exceptional value to her listeners on a consistent and ongoing basis.. Little wonder why Christina has quickly become one of the most popular talk show hosts, both in the eyes of her audience...and her guests.

Bob Burg

Author of Adversaries into Allies www.Burg.com