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Transition Out of Corporate America with Maria LeCuyer

Maria LeCuyer was trained as a pharmacist, going on to become a pharmaceutical business executive in one of Fortune 500's ten biggest healthcare companies.

Maria is action-oriented, and today she helps high-powered women executives,entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals develop their business, engage their own energies to get a clear vision, and even offer specific strategies to get their business or life back on track.

Andrea Carter, What Stops Women from Achieving Their Full Potential?

Andrea Carter trains and educates coaches, consultants and professionals in the prolific proprietary mindset training program, Power To Thrive™ so they can effectively create results with the niched market they are serving. Mindset precedes results, yet research shows most have not learned an effective mindset model to convert a fixed mindset into a prolific mindset. Changing your thinking takes more than just adopting a positive thought, it requires an embodiment and a visceral connection with what you want versus what you currently have. When people learn a system to embody a prolific mindset personally and professionally, economic potential can be reached. Your environment and previous experiences do not have to continue to define you. When you learn how to transform your thoughts with a structure for prolific thinking, you’ll leave the nay-sayers in the dust and success will be inevitable!

Wealthy Woman Warrior™ Liberator. Power To Thrive™ Creator.Economic Potential Innovator, with the goal to Empowering 1 million women to reach their economic potential by 2025.