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Jeff Kirkham, Green Beret and author of Black Autumn: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga

Jeff Kirkham served almost 29 years as a Green Beret doing multiple classified operations for the US government.  He is the proverbial brains behind ReadyMan's survival tools and products and is also the inventor of the Rapid Application Tourniquet (RATS).  Jeff has graduated from numerous training schools and accumulated over 8 years "boots on the ground" in combat zones, making him an expert in surviving in war torn environments.

He is known for his love of the AK-47 and dislike of the M4 and he spent the majority of the last decade as a member of a counter terrorist unit, working in combat zones doing a wide variety of operations in support of the GWOT.   Jeff spends his time, tinkering, inventing, writing and helping out his immigrant Afghan friends who he lived and fought side by side with for over a decade. His true passion is his family and spending quality time with his wife and sons. Jeff shares details into his latest novel: "Black Autumn: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga"

From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the U.S. and Agent Orange, with Charles Bailey, PhD

Dr. Charles R. Bailey was the Ford Foundation Representative in Vietnam from 1997 to 2007 and  then led programs on Agent Orange at the Ford Foundation and the Aspen Institute.  Charles Bailey, PhD and Le Ke Son, PhD(Vietnam based) authored their ground breaking new book:  From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the U.S. and Agent Orange.

Today Dr. Bailey shares their research and the long-term crisis impacting many veterans - Agent Orange. It's not over, after 50 years. There are cases still pending with the VA and in courts as a result of Agent Orange. Who are these Americans and what is being done to help them?

In this eye-opening and profound interview, Dr. Charles Bailey, a leading authority on Agent Orange remind us them importance of reconciliation and healing, and what all citizens can do to bring this about.