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A New Role Model for Teens, with Tal Tsfany sharing his new YA novel Sophie

When Tal Tsfany was looking for books with role models for his three children, he had a difficult time. He couldn’t find many stories with strong, virtuous role models, so he decided to make his own! The title character of Sophie embodies integrity, independence, and rationality. Sophie’s story portrays the importance of discovering and practicing the right principles.

Tsfany is an entrepreneur and an executive in the computer software industry. He received his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and master’s in business administration. He is the proud father of Ron, Shiri, and Yael.  

About the Novel: Sophie is a 13-year-old refugee from Syria who escaped with her sick mother to the U.S. As an illegal immigrant, Sophie is trying to avoid deportation while dealing with hardships and conflicts in her own unique way.

Leo, Sophie's best friend, tells the story from his point of view. While doing so, he is learning and introspecting, trying to understand Sophie's approach to life.

Sophie is illustrated by my son Ron, a (and I'm very objective...) talented young illustrator who captures the essence of Sophie, Leo, and their unique relationship.