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Tim Ortman: Newsreal: A View Through the Lens When...

Tim Ortman spent 35 years working in television news, having worked for all major U.S television news networks. As an Emmy-award winning cameraman and producer, his understanding of the overall television production process is comprehensive with four decades of experience shooting, lighting, editing, writing story editing, and producing.

Ortman’s globe-trotting travels have taken him on assignments to five continents, covering everything from war, revolution, terrorist attacks, and famine to Cold War Summits, the fall of Communism, Olympiads and Olympic Park bombings, presidential elections and the occasional press conference. But his chops were truly made on the front lines of news as part of the Foreign Press Corps. Based in Europe during the 80’s as an impressionable 20-something staff cameraman for NBC News, Ortman’s understanding of and appreciation for the news business was formed when it was at its most trustworthy zenith.