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Be a Pet Owner. Are You Ready? Jason Dowd

For over 18 years Jason Dowd has been the owner of Imagine-Nation Art Studios, a fine art photography and graphic studio. His work has been seen in countries across the world and from coast to coast in the US. His first major series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” launched in 2010 and he never looked back. To promote the arts he founded the AME Experience (an online magazine, TV and Radio Show) that is the voice of artists and entertainers everywhere.

He’s always been an animal lover. He got his first dog in 2000 and has had dogs ever since. After his first dog died from Cushings disease, he rescued a Bichon Frise from Small Paws Rescue named Ali, and he worked to rehabilitate her to learn to trust humans again; she was a puppy mill dog. In 2013 he rescued another dog “Gladys” a dachshund who was also abused – a senior dog to boot. Despite the criticism he took for adopting an abused senior dog, he did it anyway and she’s been a pillar in his family ever since.

In February 2018 his dog Ali got seriously sick almost overnight. He took her to the ER for liver failure and the same day took Gladdy to the ER for a severe pancreatitis attack. Gladdy recovered but remains on a strict diet, Ali did not survive. After her death he read the label of the treats he gave these two dogs to find extremely high fats and ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) as an ingredient. The poison destroyed Ali’s liver and the two treats he gave Gladdy caused her pancreatitis to go from controlled to acute forever changing her life.

Without his ability to find treats that met the vet’s strict diet he created his own snacks. The snacks were such a hit from every dog he gave them to that he started his own dog treat company “Gladdy’s Goodies” where he sells the same treats he makes for his own dogs, great for healthy dogs and dogs with health issues.