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Luca Burnett, of YANTRA Beauty, It's Never Too Late to Find Your Inter Brilliance!

YANTRA Beauty is a boutique hair care and lifestyle brand focused on creating an environment for education about your daily routine and the products you use. From styling products that are multi-functional and gender neutral, to a customizable shampoo and conditioner system individually formulate for any hair type, YANTRA Beauty will diversify and streamline your daily routine.

Sourcing their ingredients responsibly from around the world, YANTRA has gone the extra mile to ensure that you feeling good doesn’t adversely effect others. Formulated with rare & natural ingredients as well as scientifically effective components, their products are designed to bring life and vitality back to your hair. Creating a line that utilizes some amazing ingredients, we also wanted one that every ingredient has a purpose. YANTRA Beauty products deliver immediate results that over time also improve the overall health of your hair, without having to add any extra fillers.