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Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D. Selling to C-level executives

Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D. is President and Founder of, a sales training and consulting company, and author of the best-selling book – just released in its second edition – Selling to the C-Suite: What Every Executive Wants You to Know About Successfully Selling to the Top. Based, in part, on his one-day SellXL workshop, in Selling to the C-Suite, Dr. Bistritz provides expert advice rooted in 10 years of empirical research conducted through interviews with C-Suite executives in 500 diverse companies and government bodies.

With over 40 years of high-tech sales, sales management and training management experience and over 27 years working with IBM in sales and training-related positions, Bistritz knows firsthand how to work with C-level executives. He holds workshops and is a popular keynote speaker on how to gain access to the most relevant executives for any buying decision, create opportunity with the right people at the right time, establish credibility by showing mastery of issues that matter, and create new value by uncovering and solving executive needs.