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5 Steps to Getting Noticed in the Marketplace, Shane Whelan

Entrepreneurs are faced with great uncertainty and sometimes even bigger risks and obstacles. In the end most have this innate drive to keep pushing for their dreams to come true no matter what.

But sometimes, even the most driven entrepreneurs hit a wall. Shane Whelan, Owner of PetBidder and Pet Containment Services knows the struggle all too well. In the first full year he started his business he did well into six figures. By disrupting his tiny niche market he was all of the sudden on his competitions radar and they began to attack him. Bad reviews were popping up on Google and his Google Adwords were being hacked. He literally had to make it through the fire to get out on the other side. Shane chose to dig deep and embrace the fire around him. He sharpened his chops and became a nightmare to compete with.

Most times when things get hard we start to look to things that are outside of ourselves to help with whatever big challenges we have in front of us. Looking within is the key to your success and freedom.

If you feel up against the wall trying to stand out from the competition or you are overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to get through and not go back to your old 9-5 job, Shane says by doing these FIVE things below you can stand out and get clients to say YES no matter the competition.