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Igniting Your Child's Inner Executive with True and Ken Tamplin

At age 13, True’s father Ken Tamplin was offered to be the lead singer for Journey.

Despite desperately needing the money, the 5-year touring contract was too great a sacrifice. He turned the offer down, and now True has checked every box an executive would want for his son: giving his grad speech, covering The Daily Pilot, garnering a full-ride to his school of choice, maintaining Suma Cum Laude 4.0 GPA, marrying the girl of his dreams, running a successful Analytics and Online Marketing company, and writing an Amazon #1 Bestseller, all by the age of 22. True is utterly convicted that none of his early successes would have come had his father accepted the Journey contract.

Now True’s story has become his plea to fight for executives to spend more time with their sons. True has gone on to become a CEO coach and has begun developing a mentor program for their sons to one day outdo their fathers.

If you feel True’s story ought to be heard by your organization, email his assistant:

Former Attorney Buildings a Thriving Broth Company, Eric Ersher of Zoup!

Eric Ersher is the founder and CEO of Zoup!, a Michigan-based, fast casual soup concept, formed in 1998. Zoup! fast-casual soup restaurants, a Michigan-based franchise with 100 locations across the Northern half of the U.S. and Ontario, has ventured into the retail CPG business with its launch of super-premium broth. After five (long, but full of lessons) years, the team has figured out how to compete on shelves with big-budget, Fortune 100 companies. Now in more than 4,500 stores across the country, including leading players like HEB, Kroger, Giant Eagle and Safeway, Zoup! Broth has doubled its sales over each previous year, with 2018 exceeding quarterly projections by 50%.

A former attorney and 20+ year soup industry veteran, Eric Ersher founded Zoup! in the early days of fast casual. He saw that people wanted more high-quality options than fast food and was passionate about the comfort and well-being that only really good soup could deliver. Ringing in its 20th year, Zoup! ladles in $645K average sales per location, per year, and prides itself on being all about the people and staying true to its “Zoupisms” (i.e. the foundation for its culture and operational standards).

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