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A New Approach to Learning and Attention Challenges with David & Jill Stowell

Beginning with a single struggling student in 1984, former school teachers David and Jill Stowell began a work which now has them running two companies:  a learning center that transforms the lives of bright but struggling students, and a training company that licenses their proprietary systems to business owners who want to make a big impact on their local communities. 

Jill developed the clinical systems that dramatically improve or completely correct learning and attention challenges, including Dyslexia.  David is the “business guy” who helps licensees build a profitable, heart-centered business using their proven procedures.

Together they’re out to change the lives of students and their families across the country.

They’re recent bestselling book, The Dyslexia, Learning, and Attention Challenges Solution outlines the huge problem our schools and society are facing, who’s responsible, and what can be done to correct these issues that affect 15,000,000 current K-12 students.

David and Jill offer a free copy of their book to any listener / viewer just by going to: